Friday, September 12, 2014

Bob Littlefield: Election Results

First, I want to thank you all for your support and help in my campaign for State Representative. Unfortunately, I did not win.

The theme of my campaign was that citizens want government that is less ideological and more pragmatic. They want government that delivers the services they need (such as public safety and education), while keeping their taxes low by delivering those services efficiently and not wasting tax dollars on unnecessary spending such as special interest subsidies.  Unfortunately, in what came to be a low turnout election, ideology trumped pragmatism.

My other challenge was that, while I ran a positive campaign, my opponents and their supporters did not return that favor. For instance, they spent a lot of dark money on hit piece mailers that I simply did not have the money to counteract. They used this tactic against a number of legislative candidates around the state and, again, in a low turnout election negative campaigning worked.

So, I will reflect on the lessons of this campaign to learn how I can do a better job of communicating my message to voters and of motivating them to turn out to vote to support that message.

On the bright side, my wife Kathy advanced to the November General Election for Scottsdale City Council. She would be a positive voice for the residents of Scottsdale and I encourage you to support her campaign. You can find out how on her web site at
Again, thank you for your support.
Bob Littlefield