Friday, September 12, 2014

Current SOS Ken Bennett and Former Mayor Scott Smith Endorse my campaign

I am honored to announce two Primary gubernatorial candidates, Ken Bennett and Scott Smith, have endorsed my campaign for Secretary of State.  Both are principled and honorable elected officials who have demonstrated an ability to work through partisan gridlock to find workable, reasonable solutions for their constituents.  Arizona voters and leaders are rallying around my campaign as we continue to build on the momentum that carried us through the Primary election.


“As I said along the campaign trail, experience matters.  With twelve years in the Arizona legislature, chairwoman of the Senate Elections and House Commerce committees, and a former small business owner, Michele Reagan has the right experience to become Arizona’s next Secretary of State.  She is qualified, dedicated and has a unique understanding of Arizona’s business and election law.  As your current Secretary of State, I am proud to endorse Michele Reagan for this position.”
- Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett

“I am proud to endorse Michele Reagan for Arizona Secretary of State. Michele is a proven reformer who has worked extensively on election issues during her tenure at the State Capitol.  If you believe open and honest elections are in Arizona’s best interests, then I encourage you to join me in supporting the most qualified candidate for Arizona Secretary of State, Michele Reagan.”

- Former Mesa Mayor Scott Smith
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