Monday, November 30, 2015

Alex Meluskey U.S. Senate Candidate - Arizona Common Core Makes No Common Sense

Meluskey for Senate

In 2014, voters made their voices heard when they elected a Superintendent of Public Instruction who ran solely on the basis of eliminating Common Core. During the superintendent’s first days in office she attempted to remove pro common core members from the State Board of Education, but she was met with resistance from the governor—resulting in her actions being overruled.
I am a firm believer parents and educators should be in command of the education students receive. I believe elected officials should be free to carry out the wishes of those who elected them. Do you believe as I do?
Unfortunately, some in our state senate do not seem to hold the same beliefs. State Senator Kelli Ward, introduced Senate Bill 1038. The language in the bill echoed the actions of the governor, removing any authority the superintendent once held over the board.Ward teamed up with the governor to derail the Common Core Replacement Act creating instead a “committee” to gather recommendations. 

Why does Kelli think we need another committee and another “thoughtful study” to tell her what we already know to be right?

The utter disrespect shown to Arizona voters by this move greatly undermines their voice and their choices when it comes to the education of their children and begs the question, where does Kelli Ward really stand on Common Core and why should we believe her now? Politicians looking to continue their political progression have fooled us long enough.
As your next United States Senator, I will fight to empower you in keeping control over your child’s education rather than relinquishing it to the federal government and entrenched bureaucrats. Will you join me?
I have a daughter in high school and a son in college. I will be your ally in Washington and in our state to bring common sense back to our local schools because common core makes no common sense.
Alex Meluskey                                                                                                                      
U.S. Senate Candidate - Arizona
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