Sunday, January 15, 2017

Newly Elected Officers For Maricopa County Republican Committee

Elections were held on Saturday January 14th in Phoenix, Arizona. (left to right) Chairman Chris Herring, First Vice-Chair Aaron Flannery, Second Vice Chair Yvonne Cahill, Secretary Cynthia Casaus, and Treasurer Sheila Muehling.

  • Chairman: Chris Herring won 1,061 to Tristan Manos 582.
  • 1VC: Aaron Flannery by acclamation.
  • 2VC: Yvonne Cahill won 841 to Cynthia Love 787Love nominated from the floor.
  • Secretary: Cindy Casaus by acclamation.
  • Treasurer: Sheila Muehling won 832 to Wes Harris 787Muehling nominated from the floor.
·         All six Resolutions proposals passed.
·         All 15 Bylaws proposals failed.
Credentials report:
·         PCs attending: 886
·         Proxies: 868
·         Total: 1,754 of 2,703 PCs