Friday, April 25, 2014

Arizona your next Congressman

Andy Tobin is battle-tested. He’s done the difficult and important work of cutting taxes in Arizona and at the same time reducing state spending. Like me, he believes that job creation and prosperity come from the collective talents, energy, and hard work of the American people, not government.  

Tobin is conservative. As a legislator, he has pushed individual freedoms and limited government. He helped cut state government by 22% during his time at the Capitol and has been fighting to shield Arizona from the disastrous ObamaCare law since its passage.  

Now is not the time to send an unproven representative to Washington. Andy Tobin has been successfully fighting for our freedom and liberty for years. He has a good track record and we can trust his leadership.   

Democratic party allies have already spent millions in Arizona’s 1st Congressional District on behalf of the incumbent. We need to make sure that our conservative candidate--Andy Tobin-- has the resources he needs to compete and win. Please take a moment and give what you can to Andy’s campaign.

I hope you agree with me, we need a Congressman like Andy Tobin.


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