Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Invest In Our Children - Education Over Incarceration

-Invest In Our Children-
Education Over Incarceration

Are these the headlines that inspire you?  

Teachers are getting pink slips, kids are losing classroom time and "specials", and your state representative - who wants to be promoted to your state senator - thinks it is our "moral obligation" to guarantee private prisons profits.

If you are as outraged as I am, join me in standing up for our kids. Invest in a bright future rather than a bleak one.

I need your help. If you live in LD23, please sign my petition online HERE. If you don't live in LD23, please send this to your friends who do by clicking HERE.

If you have friends who feel like we do, please invite a few over to your home so I can meet them and we can work on this together.

Please contact me to schedule an event soon.

Thank you,

Jeff Schwartz
Candidate and Businessman