Tuesday, April 22, 2014

What we're building

Last week we were proud to send you the news that business legend Jerry Colangelo had endorsed my campaign for governor. 
It led to this news story in the Phoenix Business Journal. 
The article also mentioned other organizations that have endorsed our campaign, though they were just the tip of the iceberg.
Over the first quarter of the year, we have set out to build the broadest coalition of supporters of any campaign.  Business leaders, social conservatives, veterans, tea party leaders, gun owners, small businesspeople, current and former elected officials, Republican party leaders, community leaders…all these and many more are part of our coalition.
They represent a broad spectrum of the Republican party and are critical to victory in August.
Check out our website and see for yourself.  For the next four months, we’ll be able to rely on a great network of supporters as we approach primary day.  It’s a great strength for our campaign, and something no other candidate can come close to replicating.
We're always looking to expand our base of supporters.  If I could ask you to do one thing with this e-mail, please invite others to join our broad coalition by sharing this on Facebook, Twitter, or forwarding it to friends by using the links below.  If everyone who receives this message forwards it to five or six friends or family members, the impact would be dramatic.  Please help by doing this, today if possible!
All the best,