Thursday, April 24, 2014

Arizona's GOP CD1 and CD2 Victory Offices Launched Mobilize to Win

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I wanted share some fantastic momentum taking shape around the state. During my campaign I promised we would have great technology, improve our communications, successful fundraising and provide tools and resources to our Precinct Committeemen.
The promises are being fulfilled by an active donor community and a remarkable team at the AZ GOP.  We are seeing Chairmen and PCs across the state working to make a difference.
To support their efforts...we have launched two victory offices with the primary goal to turn out voters in CD1 and CD2.  These two offices are the first of many we will open across the state.  The offices have been officially open for two weeks.  They are equipped with cutting edge phone systems, data technology, canvassing tools and much more. The offices are high energy and we are receiving very positive feedback.
Take a look at the launch day VIDEO.  (Click Here)
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What PCs across the state are excited about.
1)  Official Photo Name Badge for credentials at the door when canvassing.
2)  Phone and Tablet software for walking neighborhoods.
3)  Red Republican Action Team T-shirts.
4)  District and Precinct Cash Rewards for working the "Mobilize to Win" plan.
5) Pass along issue Fact Sheets -from the Action Hub.
The goal for all of us should be to defend our liberty. The freedom we experience as a state and nation is an inspired miracle.  We must fight to preserve this liberty and have the willingness to work.  If we work...we win!  The ground game is the battle field...lets get on the field and make it happen!!
Join the AZ GOP and your fellow Precinct Committeemen in an effort that will make a difference.  You will be emailed a schedule of walk days coming to a neigborhood near you.  Your participation is key for success.
Lets Mobilize and Win 2014!!
Highest regards, 
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Robert Graham
Chairman, Arizona Republican Party