Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Our Veterans Deserve Better Than This!

This past Wednesday, the US House Committee on Veterans Affairs revealed a tragic and disgraceful report that delayed health care due to prolonged and unnecessary wait times at the Phoenix VA Hospital may have contributed to the death of up to 40 United States Veterans.

In addition, the House Committee said investigators possess evidence that hospital staff maintained two sets of records - one for public consumption and one to conceal the prolonged wait times that ultimately cost our Veterans their dignity and their lives.

This is appalling and absolutely unacceptable. We must hold those responsible on the hospital staff accountable for their inaction and ensure that this never happens again.

I will be looking into what powers the Arizona Legislature can bring to bear to ensure that our Veterans are receiving proper, timely care and to ensure that the brave men and women of Arizona who have selflessly served in our military are never treated this way again.

All of our Veterans should be treated with the honor, respect and loyalty that they deserve. They have sacrificed and given more to our country than many civilians will ever understand. We owe them a debt of gratitude that begins with ensuring that their health care on the homefront is held as vital and sacred for them as their service was to us.

I will be proactively looking into what we can do to support our Veterans and ensure they receive the care they were promised. I will personally do everything in my power to make sure our Veterans are accorded the respect they deserve.

If you agree and wish to support our Veterans, call and write to our Congressional representatives in Washington to express your outrage.

Thank you.