Friday, June 27, 2014

Ken Bennett Candidate For AZ Governor: All Politics is Local

Ken Bennett for Governor

All politics is local. This famous adage illustrates a principle most politicians know to be true. Elected officials who best understand their constituency's simple and everyday concerns will enjoy an accomplished public service career.
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Nearly 30 years ago, I began my public service career on the Prescott City Council where we dealt with everything from parks to potholes.  In my experience, nothing gets people involved with their government faster than issues that impact their quality of life.
Serving in local government can be extremely rewarding and give you a great sense of pride working to improve your community.  But ask any local government official what their biggest source of frustration is and they’ll likely tell you it’s our state government.
For years on the Prescott City Council, I was on the receiving end of unfunded state mandates and harmful sweeps that inhibit local decision-making and made it difficult for our cities and towns to deliver the services their citizens need. While I understand difficult decisions had to be made during the economic downturn, I believe these decisions represent a broken promise to our local communities. Please take a minute to watch the video included in this email.
As your next Governor, I will fight any attempts to lessen local control and push back against harmful sweeps and mandates - just as I did as Senate President.
I think it’s time we elect someone who understands that all politics is local, and won’t balance the state’s budget on the backs of our local governments.
I will be that Governor.

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Ken Bennett
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