Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Andrew Walter Candidate For Congress:This is disappointing and disgusting

Andrew Walter Calls of Sinema to Apologize and Refund Contributions Made at Expense of Veterans' Lives 
PHOENIX - Andrew Walter, Republican candidate for Congress in AZ-09, called for Democratic Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema to refund contributions collected in response to an email relating to the deaths of up to 40 Veterans due to wait times at the Phoenix V.A. Hospital.  Regarding the email, Walter stated “This is the ugliest display of political opportunism I have witnessed in a very long time.  I am disgusted that Congresswoman Sinema thinks it’s appropriate to use the tragic and avoidable loss of Veterans’ lives as a tool to fundraise for her reelection.”

The email which Walter referred to was sent by Kyrsten Sinema and included tools for capturing contact information and donating to her campaign to “help veterans and their families get the answers they deserve.”
Walter continued by saying:
Seeking to further one’s political ambitions by using tragedy and heartbreak is not leadership, it’s revealing of a selfish mindset.  Arizonans are tired of this type of behavior.  I’m calling on Kyrsten Sinema to apologize to the families who lost loved ones at the Phoenix V.A. Hospital.  I’m also calling on Sinema to refund all the contributions collected from her email appeal and match the refunds with a donation to a charitable organization that serves Veterans, such as Veterans Tickets Foundation.

My heart goes out to the families of the veterans who tragically lost their lives due to the avoidable circumstances surrounding the Phoenix V.A. Hospital.  I’ve been carefully following the news regarding the investigation into the V.A. and I believe major crises like this should be handled with earnest resolve in a pursuit of truth.  Tragedies like the Phoenix V.A. Hospital should not be politicized, ever.”