Friday, May 9, 2014

we need answers-Andy Tobin AZ Candidate US Congress

It's no surprise that Democrats are attacking me. They will do everything they can to shut down anyone who seeks the truth about Benghazi. For 20 months, Democrats like Ann Kirkpatrick, Nancy Pelosi and those in the White House have done everything possible to hide the truth about Benghazi. Now, we may finally start getting to the bottom of this scandal--but no thanks to Ann Kirkpatrick. Where is her outrage? Where is her courage to stand up to this Administration?!

Just as disappointing is when Republicans, like one of my primary opponents, are so quick to cave and take up the cause of left-wing Democrats. Rather than attacking me, the right thing to do is join me in fighting back.

Look, I've been here before. I'm the only battle-tested conservative in this race and I will never shrink from fighting for what’s right.

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