Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Continue The Comeback: Randy Pullen For Arizona State Treasurer

I inherited a fiscal crisis unlike any other our state had experienced when I came to office in 2009. Since the outset I've said that doing the right thing usually means doing the hard thing. And with me every step of the way as I strived to keep that creed was my friend Randy Pullen. His support over the years has been invaluable and I am confident in his steadfast promise to ensure Arizona is on the right path.

We must entrust the job of Treasurer to someone with not only the skill set and credentials for the job, but also someone the voters trust to safeguard our hard-earned taxpayer dollars. In addition to authorizing over $30 billion a year in expenditures on behalf of Arizona State government, the Treasurer manages more than $12 billion of investments for the State, Counties and Municipalities. Randy’s background as a businessman -- a CPA, with an MBA in Finance -- makes him the most qualified person to lead the office of the Treasurer.

On top of his credentials, Randy also has a lifetime record of fighting to preserve our liberty, being an adamant defender of our Constitutional rights and protecting jobs, votes, and the border in Arizona.

I am happy to call Randy a friend and have been honored to have his support while leading Arizona's comeback.  As Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party from 2007 to 2011 as well as Treasurer of the Republican National Committee from 2009 to 2011, Randy exhibited true leadership, leading them to a statewide sweep in 2010.
I know Randy will bring passion and tenacity to the Treasurer’s office and a renewed sense of innovation and stewardship to our state’s finances, just like he led Republicans to victory through perseverance and hard work.

I would be deeply honored if you would support my dear friend Randy’s campaign. Just as you have stood by me and fought during the state’s turnaround, I  hope you will do the same now by joining me in supporting Randy Pullen for State Treasurer.


Governor Janice K. Brewer
State of Arizona