Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Fund the lists! Doug Ducey AZ Candidate For Governor

As you’ve likely heard me say before, parents need more choices when it comes to educating their children – one size does not always fit all. For many families, charter schools can be an ideal option, and their growing popularity can be seen in the daunting waiting lists at Arizona’s most successful and excelling charter schools.
One of my first priorities as governor will be to eliminate these waiting lists by providing the funding these schools need to include more students. And the need is growing. Just yesterday the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools announced that charter school waiting lists top more than one million names nationwide.
We must give more Arizona students the opportunity to attend these in-demand schools while also advancing reforms to apply the best practices of all high-performing public schools statewide.
More accountability. Higher standards and expectations. Funding classrooms and schools over districts. State and local control. These are all things we can and should have to make sure Arizona kids are ready for college or the workforce.
For a discussion on these issues, please join me for an education tele-townhallcall tonight at 7. I'll be hosting one Arizona's leading voices for educational excellence to chat about his insights on how to improve education in Arizona. Dial in at (855) 756-7520 Ext. 24735#. Again, it starts at 7 p.m.