Monday, May 12, 2014

Augustine P Bartning for Maricopa County Community College District Governing Board At-Large Seat

I am running for one of the 2 newly-created At-Large and open Board seats for the Maricopa County Community College District Governing Board. These new seats will give the voters of Maricopa County a greater voice in the operation of the nation’s largest community college system. Web Site:
In these trying times it is more important than ever to respect the taxpayers who fund the colleges while also offering our County’s residents the training and resources to realize their maximum potential. It is my intention over the next several months to share my vision with you and earn your vote as a fiscal conservative that will lead the charge for responsible and effective leadership on the Board.
I grew up in the Valley and I am the grateful product of homegrown educational opportunities right here in Maricopa County. But my story begins with my grandfather Thomas Francis Doyle, a rancher in the Litchfield Park area before Arizona achieved statehood. If you’re wondering why I don’t look like redheaded Grandpa Doyle it is because both he and blue-eyed Grandpa Bartning fell in love with beautiful women from our neighbor to the South, my Grandmothers Belen Ruiz and Marina Carrillo. Grandpa Doyle has many stories that helped define the origins of our great state of Arizona and I hope that I get to share some with you along the campaign trail. My family is very important to me and my relatives are all over the state.
From my various awards as a young man in Phoenix to my recent endeavors, my commitment to public service runs deep.  I have become a mentor and advocate for the Arizona Boys Hope Girls Hope program. I served on the Board for the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals in Arizona or NAHREP-AZ. I participate in the Georgetown University Alumni Admissions Program where we interview prospective students every year.
I am proud to tell people that I have been to every US state except for Alaska and visited over 50 countries. I gained international experience bringing opportunities through the Arts to youth in rural areas of Argentina in 2003-2004. I joined the private sector as a consulting associate for Keeling & Associates, a New York-based consulting company specializing in comprehensive higher education services. Here I became intimately familiar with education systems across the nation and abroad where we focused primarily on assessment and learning, student learning outcomes, strategic planning and implementation, student success and institutional accountability. I have worked with the political team at Yescalis Campaign Strategies, run grassroots efforts for my own campaign for State Senator and managed the campaign efforts for the Phoenix City Council race for Luis Rodriguez. I continue to be politically engaged while working as a Realtor for Mojica Real Estate.
Being immersed in the day-to-day work of any organization has never distracted me from my mission to be of assistance to individuals who are working to improve their own lives, often overcoming difficult circumstances. And this is what draws me to the MCCCDGB.