Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Ducey Roadmap for Arizona

I get the question all the time on the campaign trail:  “What’s your plan if you’re elected governor?”
This week we’ve answered that with the release of our “Arizona Roadmap to Freedom and Opportunity.”  It’s a 12-page booklet filled with specifics about what my priorities as governor would be.  You can view it in PDF form at our website.
We address policy solutions in the “Roadmap” for issues including economic growth, government waste and reform, education, border security and immigration, and safety and health care.
It’s as detailed a set of policy prescriptions as I’ve seen, and I’m proud of our campaign and our policy team for pulling it together.
Please take time to look at it.  More importantly, if one of your friends asks, “Where does he stand?” then you can steer them to the website or share using the links below and say, “Check out his agenda for yourself!”