Thursday, May 15, 2014

Mitt Romney Says: Andy Tobin A true Arizona Conservative.

In case you missed it, Governor Romney sent a very kind letter to his Arizona supporters on my behalf. I wanted to make sure that you received it from me. Please take a look at the message below. Thank you for your continued support.

Despite the dysfunction in Washington and the myriad of problems our nation faces, I still believe in America . . .

 . . . and I believe when our leaders in Washington match the resolve of our people, the American comeback will begin.  

That’s why I was thrilled when my friend Andy Tobin announced he was running for Congress.  He is a battle-tested conservative who has the courage and resolve we desperately need in Washington but he’ll need our strong support to win.

Andy was with me every step of the way during my campaign for President in 2012 and played a key role in my campaign’s success; now it’s my turn to help him.

Ted, you have been one of my strongest allies and I hope you’ll join me in support for Andy Tobin’s campaign for United States Congress in Arizona’s First Congressional District.

Click here to join his team with a contribution of $35, $50, $100, or $250 and help Andy take his common sense Republican message right to the voters.

Taking on a Democrat incumbent who has lost this seat once before, Andy Tobin is our best chance to reclaim this seat for the Republican Party.

Thanks to a strong business background and an unwavering commitment to conservative principles, Andy’s six-year record in the Arizona Legislature is impressive.  Under his leadership, Arizona passed the largest tax cuts in state history while simultaneously passing the largest spending cuts.

He authored -- and passed – Arizona’s ban on partial-birth abortion. While the President and the liberal media were attacking Arizona over immigration, Andy stood strong for secure borders. He has led the fight against ObamaCare in Arizona -- going as far as suing the federal government over it.
He’s ready to take the fight for our conservative values all the way to Washington.
Please stand with me in support of Arizona’s campaign today with a contribution of $35, $50, $100, $250.  

Washington needs Andy Tobin.

Mitt Romney

P.S. Due to redistricting, the First District is considered significantly more competitive for Democrats so Andy Tobin really needs your generous support to take on an incumbent with the full backing of Washington’s liberal establishment.