Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Help me protect veterans: AZ US Rep David Schweikert

Over the past year, I have been turning up the pressure on protecting our veterans.  I've been in close contact with whistle-blowers and insiders, within the Veterans Administration, who have the courage to go against the Washington bureaucracy and stand up for what we all know is right: Protecting Our Veterans. 
As if Washington's abuses have not gone far enough, I discovered a pattern of misbehavior and poor treatment at the Phoenix VA Center.
Let me make one thing absolutely clear - - I will not stop until confidence is restored in the quality of service that our veterans earned serving our nation.  I will do everything in my power to fight for the honor and service to those who have put their lives on the line to protect our freedom. 
The consequence of bigger-and-bigger government is that party bosses and career bureaucrats have forgotten who they serve: The American People. 
We cannot allow an out-of-control bureaucracy to continue to leave our veterans' needs ignored.  This is why I am standing up today.  I ask for your support as I take this stand.  We must protect our veterans who have sacrificed so much and deserve so much in their time of need.   
Join me in calling for the leadership at Phoenix VA Medical Center to resign.  
Our veterans deserve better. 
I'm counting on your voice - - The People's Voice - - to stand up, and send a strong signal to Washington.  
With great respect for those who serve,
David Schweikert
PS: My fight has only just begun.  I will not let a career bureaucracy continue to mistreat our veterans.  Please join my fight and take a stand.  
Schweikert calls for ouster of Phoenix VA leaders
By Donna Rossi, www.kpho.com
PHOENIX (CBS5) -  Rep. David Schweikert wants heads to roll at the Phoenix VA Medical Center.  During a phone call with CBS 5 News from his Washington, DC, office, Schweikert said regardless of the outcome of the investigation being done by the VA Office of the Inspector General, the entire leadership team at the Phoenix VA must go.  [ read more...  ]