Tuesday, April 29, 2014

We've hit the airwaves AZ Candidate For Governor

Today the Ducey campaign starts our public advertising push, launching our first TV ad on broadcast and cable TV statewide.
You can see a link here. It’s mostly footage from my announcement speech in mid-February and is designed to let Arizonans see me in person saying what I think about the right approach to government: namely that our state needs to take control of its own destiny and resist the federal government’s desire to run everything.

This is the first ad, and there will be more to follow that fill in details about my background, my position on issues and the direction I want to lead this state.
It’s a big deal. All the hard work and fundraising and coalition-building to date have been done to prepare for this moment: bringing our message to a broader audience of voters who are just now starting to tune into the race for governor.
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