Monday, April 28, 2014

It's official-Andrew Walter Submits Nominating Petition Signatures and Qualifies for the 2014 Election

April 28, 2014
Andrew Walter Submits Nominating Petition Signatures and Qualifies for the 2014 Election on First Day 
PHOENIX - Andrew Walter, Republican candidate for Congress, submitted his nominating petition signatures to qualify for the 2014 Election on the first day signatures are allowed to be submitted.  Mr. Walter submitted over 2,100 signatures today, nearly twice the number required to qualify.

Andrew Walter’s 2,100 signatures demonstrates an overwhelming amount of support from the grassroots and an incredibly organized campaign. Contextually, 2,100 signatures is over three times the amount required in 2012.  The increase reflects the change in statute from requiring ½ of 1-percent of the party registrations in 2012 to 1-percent required in 2014.
With regard to qualifying for the ballot, Andrew stated “This is an exciting next step toward victory in August and November.  I am blessed to have the support of so many great volunteers that donated their time to walk with me to meet Arizonans.  These signatures represent over 2,000 hardworking Arizonans who are tired of politics as usual, broken promises and failed legislation, like Obamacare.  I’m very excited to qualify for the ballot, but my team and I will continue to walk neighborhoods and meet Arizonans all across the 9th district in hopes of earning people's trust and support.”

About Andrew Walter
Andrew Walter is a native Arizonan and starred at quarterback for Arizona State University (ASU) where he earned a BA in Communications.  Andrew was selected in the 2005 NFL Draft by the Oakland Raiders and finished his career with the New England Patriots.  Following his professional sports career Andrew earned his MBA from ASU, with an emphasis in finance.  Andrew has had great success in the private sector as the Principal of Andrew Walter Holdings, a senior secured lending firm, and as a credit analyst for MidFirst Bank.