Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Phoenix Approves Technology Summit: Phoenix City Councilman Sal DiCiccio

Phoenix Approves Technology Summit
Bringing in the best and brightest, nationally and internationally
Bipartisan group committed to working together – city, county, state and federal governments
Phoenix approved creating a technology summit, bringing in leaders from the national and international field to participate.  This will be a joint effort by the City of Phoenix, Maricopa County and State of Arizona governments.  A bi-partisan group has expressed support for the summit.
Former Mayor Phil Gordon, County Vice Chairman Steve Chucri, State Representative Tom Forese, Linda Rizzo from Congressman’s David Schweikert’s Office and Phoenix Councilmen Sal DiCiccio and Michael Nowakoski have been working collaboratively on this proposal.
“Technology will be the critical component to a strong and healthy economy.  We need to compete in this global market and the most cutting-edge technologies enable us to do that.  Technology is one of the most important tools in our toolbox.  It’s great to have great partners in this endeavor,” said Councilman DiCiccio.

“I am pleased to see the Technology Task Force move forward and am excited to learn of the many possibilities.  I believe that utilizing the newest technologies available will not only create efficiencies, but will also attract new business development to our city,” Said Councilman Nowakowski.

“The history of the United States is the history of innovation, whether understanding new tools for government or working with those who innovate, I’m excited to work with Councilman DiCiccio to bring like minds together to put Arizona on a path to become the innovation capital of the southwest,” said State Representative Forese.
A strong commitment to improving our technology infrastructure will enable the region to provide higher quality and more efficient services.  The summit will assess existing internal and external technologies.
Internally, the focus will be to establish the most advanced systems to give our citizens the best and most efficient services.
Externally, the focus will be to spur economic growth by viewing technology as we do our other infrastructure.   

My best to you and your family,

Sal DiCiccio
City of Phoenix
Councilman, District 6