Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Arizona Police Association Calls for Kiehne to Withdraw from Race

Arizona Police Association Calls for Kiehne to Withdraw from Race
APA outraged by Gary Kiehne’s comparison of Arizona police officers to Nazi agents

In an interview with The Arizona Republic published Monday afternoon, Kiehne lashed out at Arizona police officers assisting with evacuations during the 2011 Wallow Fire, comparing them to Nazi agents who “would shoot you or me without thinking about it.”

Levi Bolton, Jr., Executive Director of the Arizona Police Association issued this statement in response:

“The Arizona Police Association’s membership represents 14,000 men and women who work in the profession of law enforcement in the State of Arizona. On behalf of those who go out each day to serve, protect, and sometimes give their lives in the service of the citizens of Arizona, we are deeply offended by the comments made recently by GOP District #1 congressional candidate Gary Kiehne. In an Arizona Republic article citing comments attributed to Mr. Kiehne, it is remarkable that Mr. Kiehne apparently feels comfortable lumping 99% of mass shooters as Democrats and comparing Vietnamese refugees to illegal immigrants. If that were not offensive enough, he goes on to “reference” police officers as Nazi agents willing to “shoot you and me.” This is outrageous and beneath the conduct of someone aspiring to represent Arizona and its diverse population at the nation’s Capital. I expect Mr. Kiehne to apologize specifically to all whom he has offended and have the dignity to withdraw from his candidacy.”

During the 2011 Wallow Fire, 6,000 residents of Alpine, Blue River, Greer, Nutrioso, Sunrise, Springerville and Eagar in Arizona were evacuated. 32 homes were destroyed.

The APA’s statement can be viewed on their homepage: http://www.azpolice.org

Kiehne’s comments about mass shootings and the Vietnamese community can be viewed here.


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