Monday, May 19, 2014

Randy Pullen Candidate For AZ State Treasurer;Two Words

Randy Pullen for Arizona Treasurer
Experience and Leadership are two words that are used often in political campaigns. Why?  Because as voters we want to hold our elected officials accountable and we want them to be effective at what we elected them to do.  I decided to run for Treasurer because when I look at the responsibilities of the office, I know that I am the most qualified candidate running and I have a proven track record that voters can see. 
Tracking the Money
Did you know the computer system that is used to track the BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars that flows through the state coffers every year is over 30 years old!  I happen to know firsthand because as a CPA with Deloitte and Touche I oversaw the implementation of it.  The state has invested millions to upgrade it and bring us into the 21st century.  My unique experience will ensure that the Arizona State Treasurers office continues to be effective and accountable as stewards of your hard earned tax dollars.
As Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party in 2010 and together with the leadership of Governor Jan Brewer, Republicans won every single statewide office and super majorities to both houses of the Arizona Legislature. We executed on our plan for victory and 4 years later we have seen the Arizona comeback because of that statewide leadership.
I am proud to have the endorsement and full support of Governor Jan Brewer and I commit to building upon the hard work and legacy that she has built.  Arizona must continue to be a loud voice in standing up to the broken policies in Washington so we can create jobs and securing our border.
Take Action
I get asked every day how people can help with the campaign.  A few simple steps: