Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Andy Tobin: Arizona Needs A Change

Andy Tobin: Arizona Needs A Change

Andy Tobin issued the following statement today after officially winning the Republican primary in Arizona’s First Congressional District:

“It’s taken a while to count the ballots in our race, and it’s now clear that we have won the Republican primary. I can’t thank my supporters enough for everything they did to get us across the finish line. I also want to thank Adam Kwasman and Gary Kiehne for a spirited and civil contest, and for committing their support for my campaign in the general election. We all agree: We must replace Ann Kirkpatrick this November so that rural Arizona can have a voice in Congress again that isn’t beholden to Nancy Pelosi.”

“I spent the weekend traveling the state, and everywhere I go, I hear from Arizonans of all parties that they are ready for a change. It’s also apparent that Ann Kirkpatrick is going to do everything possible to change the subject away from her disastrous record in Congress. But our campaign will demand answers for her record of supporting her party line and siding with Washington, D.C. interests over what’s right for Arizona. Whether it’s support for Obamacare, voting for Nancy Pelosi or increasing spending, Ann Kirkpatrick doesn’t have our interests in mind.”

Bill Cortese, Campaign Manager
Contact: bill@andytobin.com
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