Saturday, September 6, 2014

Arizona Republican LD 23 September Meeting

Arizona Legislative District 23
Republican Committee

Next Meeting:  September 11, 2014.  
Mustang Library, 10101 N 90th Street, Scottsdale
Former State Representative Jonathan Paton will speak on 
Yes on Prop 122.
6:30 Sign-in, 7:00 meeting

Chairman's Corner - Joe Meli
Dear Fellow PCs,

On February 26th, 1993, a rented van filled with fertilizer-based explosives detonated in the parking garage of the North Tower of the World Trade Center in New York. Six people were killed. Everyone said at the time, it could have been much worse. They were right.
Early on September 11th, 2001, as our nation was getting up to start the day, the news flash came on TV of the first plane hitting the World Trade Center. The rest, sadly, is history.
In 1993, we were troubled and became aware that our nation was no longer at risk only abroad in strange, faraway places of the world. We were now targets at home. 

What we did or didn't do as a nation before September 11th, 2001 would make a tremendous difference. We learned in the hardest, most brutal way that those who seek to destroy our country will never rest. We must remain ever vigilant, ever mindful that what we hold dear, our country, the dream of our Founders, must always be protected. We must always remember those who perished, and all those who wear a uniform, past, present and future, who swear to protect us every day with their very lives. We honor them all.

Our primary is over. We went to the polls on August 26th to do our duty as citizens. Those we elected as Republican candidates must now receive our full support. Naturally, our great congressman David  Schweikert overwhelmingly won! 

We are particularly proud that LD23's very own Michele Reagan and Doug Little have won their very difficult primary races and will now be our candidates for Secretary of State and Corporation Commissioner, respectively. The same is true for Michelle Ugenti , John Kavanagh and Jay Lawrence who saw victory in their very tough races. Kudos to all! 
To all those who stepped forward to run, thank you! It takes courage and conviction to be a candidate. Your efforts were appreciated.

To our newest PCs, we welcome you to the fight! To our re-elected PCs, we are proud to serve shoulder to shoulder with you to continue the work we started in August, 2012!
We must remember, our real adversaries are not each other, but rather those who seek to destroy our great country. When we work together as PCs, we keep safe the values the Framers entrusted to us. We can never take that for granted.

For us as Republicans, our nation is exceptional, not simply just another member of the United Nations. For us as Republicans, our freedoms are not given to us by government, we allow government to function with our cautious consent!
For us as Republicans, our borders are not supposed to be symbolic, a line on a map, they are the safeguards of our sovereignty.
Mindful of these truths, as we move towards November 4th's election, our noble cause is once again within our grasp. We will retake the majority in Arizona's congressional caucus! We will retake the majority in the US Senate! In 2016, we will retake the White House! We will win in 2014!

Joe Meli
Maricopa County Republicans Has NOT received compensation to post this information,it is a courtesy post