Saturday, September 6, 2014

Obama's golf clubs

Ever want to take a swing and throw Barack Obama's golf clubs into Nantucket Sound?
Here is your chance...
And this opportunity doesn't come around every day.
For just a few days, we have our Obama golf club campaign where you -- YES YOU -- can "drive" a powerful message.
Yesterday, we raised about $4,000 online.
We are going to need to triple that today.
No delay.
Don't wait.
This is vitally important.
The damage the President has done to our country is mind-boggling. He has trampled the Constitution and sent every freedom you and I hold dear into orbit...
Something has to change.
Help me... And have a little fun.  Chuck Obama's golf clubs into Nantucket sound TODAY!
David Schweikert
Maricopa County Republicans Has NOT received compensation to post this information,it is a courtesy post