Friday, June 13, 2014

Jobs Aren't the Only Factor in Arizona's Economy

Ken Bennett for Governor
Imagine a government that makes it easier for businesses to thrive, not just survive.
Most people know, government doesn’t create jobs, private industry does.  An efficient government implements policies that create the best environment for economic growth and gets out of the way.  If Arizona is to live up to its potential, we must select a leader who will challenge the status quo to get things done.
Running our family’s fuel distribution business in northern Arizona gave me a unique understanding of how government can impact a small business, both positively and negatively. 
Without doubt, Arizona’s economic future depends on a healthy partnership between state government and the private sector —both for the businesses we want to attract, and for those already here. 
Arizona’s economy is still extremely fragile and we need steadfast, experienced leadership to guide us through these uncertain times.  We must elect a leader who understands entrepreneurialship and how to govern at the state and local level, not someone who requires on-the-job training.  
Arizona must project a professional, business-friendly image.  We’ll adopt pro-growth tax policies and eliminate bureaucratic red tape. Most importantly, we will create a government that boosts the private sector, not burdens it.
If you agree, please join our effort to reinvent the way Arizona does business.  Take a moment and connect with our camp at  With your help, we can take the first step in transforming our state for the better!

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Ken Bennett

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