Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Where it all began

On this day in 2009 it was announced in the Arizona Capitol Times that Kyrsten Sinema would be the only Arizonan selected to serve on President Obama's Healthcare Task Force.

She boldly stated "Our health care system is broken and families and businesses are being crushed by high health care costs. The American people, including right here in Arizona, deserve better."

What's happened since? More Americans are uninsured today than before her appointment to the task force, families are being crushed by skyrocketing premiums, and the future of America's health care system looks grim.

In the face of all this evidence that the "Un-Affordable Care Act" hurts Arizona families, Sinema said the law is "fundamentally good" on Sunday Square-Off.

There's one thing self described "Socialist Sinema" said that I do agree with, "we deserve better."  Arizonans deserve real leadership, not a career politician that got her start as a Green Party All-Star.

If you agree that we deserve better, join me by contributing $100, $50, $25, or $10 today!  Together we can put an end to political game playing and send a fresh perspective to Washington.


Andrew Walter