Friday, January 22, 2016


I am going to attempt to answer Chuck, Nothing has happened to Frosty she is still doing the briefs independent of any affiliation with MCRC. She resigned last year. Tyler wanted his friend Jake Hoffman to be Communications Director and that was OK with Frosty. She was anxious to branch out. As far as the below photograph, when you are well known a lot of people stop to talk with you, it doesn't mean you are in cahoots but you are being polite. be 
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Before you Read any More Briefs
What has happened to Frosty Taylor? This once-kind grassroots leader who used her "neutral" Briefs page to inform people of the news and gossip around town, has morphed into an assassin at the beck and call of the trigger-happy AJ La Faro. Is Frosty angry that the AZ GOP has its own communications infrastructure and email lists? Has she been promised a communications position in a future La Faro administration? One can only speculate about motivations, but it is clear that Taylor is sowing division and is not interested in telling both sides of any story.
Looks like we need some Boxers to go with those Briefs.
The Briefs hasn't even feigned objectivity when it comes to attacks on Robert Graham at the AZGOP, publishing whatever anonymous attacks that ambitious party power seekers have sent to her.
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Here is a picture of Frosty this Saturday at the Maricopa County Meeting receiving her instruction from her boss, La Faro. What a shame to see a useful source turned into a mouthpiece for a crybaby.
But there's more.
The errors and misinformation found on the site is amazing. As she declared last year that she was the MCRC Communications Chairman, you'd think representing more than 700,000 Republicans would be important enough to get things right.
Someone tell Jake Hoffman, the county GOP Director of Communications, that he's not in charge. (And the way La Faro essentially ran the meeting Saturday, it looks like County GOP Chairman Tyler Bowyer's not in charge either.)
Many have closed the book on the Briefs, and rightly so. Here's to hoping Republicans can find news sources (any takers?) that will keep them up to date on everything from the day to day campaigns and candidate activity to news and announcements that help, not hurt, our chances to beat the tar out of the Democrats in November.