Sunday, January 17, 2016

Report on the MCRC Mandatory and Special meetings Held January 16,2016

LD23 Republican Committee

If you were unable to be at the Maricopa County Republican Committee meeting on Saturday, you missed quite an unusual and interesting meeting. 
The meeting Called to Order and opened with another moving performance by The Buffalo Soldiers in period costume.  If you have never seen these fine patriots perform, you have missed one of the most beautiful renditions of a solemn solute to our country that we've ever seen.  Hearts swell with pride as they re-enact the best of our American heritage.
The Mandatory Meeting ran as these meetings usually do with point and counter point, inspiring speakers from among our elected officials and the usual back and forth of parliamentary procedure.  A quorum was established with 1995 PCs present in person or by proxy.  LD23 proudly had the highest number of precinct committeemen present in person or by proxy and I personally thank everyone for your commitment and for your dedication to the importance of these annual meetings.
The results of the voting:
It took three votes to elect five Members-at-Large. No one candidate received a majority on the first vote.  Of the original list of candidates, one, Ed Pellegrino, had withdrawn after the ballots were printed and there was one candidate, Jeni White, nominated from the floor.  The newly elected MAL:
Linda Brickman
Tom Morrissey
Wes Harris
Mark Spencer
Josh Askey
Members-at-Large were sworn in by County Recorder Helen Purcell.
All resolutions presented on the ballot passed, including one accidentally left off the ballot.  Three Resolutions were brought from the floor:
*A Resolution to endorse Anyone But McCain was approved by a wide majority of those present in person or by proxy.
*A Resolution to have an outside company audit the financial records annually.  The MCRC Bylaws already call for an audit annually and whenever the financial records are transferred from one Treasurer to another.  The Resolution failed.
*A Resolution to develop a Victory Plan to win elections for the Republicans also passed.
Having completed all business according to the agenda, the meeting was adjourned at approximately 5:30 pm. 
The Special Meeting to recall Chairman Tyler Bowyer, 1st Vice-Chair Jeni White, and 2nd Vice-Chair Aaron Borders was then Called to Order.  Chairman Bowyer recused himself from the proceedings and appointed Dan Grimm to run the meeting.  That meeting was contested, motions to immediately adjourn without doing any business were made, points of order were brought to the floor and other parliamentary procedures were introduced from the floor requiring active participation by the Parliamentarian.  Finally the vote was held. 
**Chairman Tyler Bowyer was retained.
**1st Vice-Chair Jeni White was recalled.
**2nd Vice-Chair Aaron Borders was recalled.
With all business completed, the meeting adjourned at approximately 7:20 pm.
A meeting of the Executive Guidance Council will be called to appoint new officers to fill those vacancies.
Just a final note.  It takes a lot of volunteers across the county and in every district who work very diligently to produce these meetings.  I thank each and every one of our county volunteers who put forth the effort of time and treasure to make these meetings happen, with a special thanks to those of our LD23 PCs who participated.  It's a thankless task and they performed admirably and cheerfully under pressure to solve problems on the fly and make everything work.

Jim O'Connor 
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