Monday, January 18, 2016

Meluskey Candidate for US Senate:Make It Count

Meluskey for U.S. Senate
Arizona residents know better than most the issues surrounding border security. Our representatives have done absolutely nothing to protect us from the flow of illegal immigrants, some with ties to terrorist organizations, into America.

Today, I am asking for your help in order to get this problem under control. It is evident John McCain has no plans to carry out OUR will; I will fight day and night to ensure the voice of Arizona is truly heard, and OUR will is enacted into law.


I am running against John McCain and his multi-million dollar war chest. Your donation to my campaign will put Arizona closer to having the leadership it deserves in Washington who will fight to finally secure our border.

We must coalesce around this common goal, which is why I am asking you to contribute today to my campaign.Will you consider pitching in $10 today? If you act now, you will receive a free bumper sticker! 

Thank You For Your Time

Your humble servant,

Alex Meluskey.
Candidate for U.S. Senate--Arizona