Friday, August 22, 2014

Adam Kwasman is at it again...

Adam Kwasman is at it again...saying one thing and doing another.
Last week, Andy Tobin received the endorsement of the US Chamber of Commerce—America’s largest pro-business organization—an endorsement that Adam Kwasman actively solicited and tried to receive. 
But when the Chamber endorsed Andy, Kwasman turned on the US Chamber and called them a “big government” group - was this a change of heart or just sour grapes?
The US Chamber’s political director said that,Kwasman actively sought our endorsement, on March 18, and in doing so formally affirmed that he supported the work of the U.S. Chamber and was actively seeking our endorsement.”
He went on to say that Kwasman “did not get a single vote because of his embarrassing and bizarre campaign. Simply sour grapes in the final days of a failing campaign."
Folks, the US Chamber of Commerce has been on the front lines fighting Barack Obama and Ann Kirkpatrick’s reckless agenda of job killing regulations and continued support for ObamaCare.

The Chamber has been an ally to conservatives all across the United States and we are grateful to have earned their endorsement.
This is just latest episode from Adam Kwasman, who has shown he can’t be trusted to deal with important issues—like immigration—as a serious candidate for Congress.
Who can forget his publicity stunt gone wrong when he attempted to stop a bus full of YMCA campers? He turned a very serious issue, like immigration, into a Comedy Central skit.
We can’t gamble this seat on candidates who can’t be trusted to not only say the right thing, but do the right thing.
Andy Tobin is the only candidate who voted for SB1070, the only candidate who cut the size of state government and the only candidate with a proven, conservative track record.
Andy’s actions speak louder than our opponents’ gaffes and empty promises.
We need your vote on August 26th to send a battle tested, conservative to clean up Washington!

Thank you for your continued support, 
Bill Cortese
Campaign Manager
Andy Tobin for Congress
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