Saturday, August 23, 2014

Jeff DeWit Endorsed by LD22 Representatives Phil Lovas and David Livingston

Phoenix - Jeff DeWit, CEO/Investment Professional and Arizona State Treasurer candidate, announced today that Representatives Phil Lovas and David Livingston have endorsed his candidacy.

“Jeff would make an outstanding State Treasurer. He is the most conservative candidate, has a record of financial management and is the only candidate against expanding Obamacare in Arizona. I wholeheartedly endorse Jeff for Treasurer,” said Lovas.

Livingston added, “As a professional financial advisor, I know how important it is to have a knowledgeable expert overseeing our state’s $13 Billion investments. As a CEO and Investment professional Jeff has the private sector experience that should be required for our State Treasurer. On top of having the experience, Jeff is a proven conservative and will represent our state well. I’m proud to endorse Jeff DeWit for Arizona State Treasurer.”

“I’m honored to have both Representative Lovas and Livingston endorse my campaign. What’s even more special about this endorsement is that they are my state representatives,” said DeWit. “I’m proud of the work they both do at our State Capitol. Legislative District 22 is represented well by strong conservatives.”
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