Thursday, August 28, 2014

Arizona LD23 Congratulations are in order!

Congratulations are in order!
We in LD23 had a great night on Tuesday.  Two of our PCs were elected to represent the Republican Party in the General election:
Senator Michele Reagan won the Primary race for Secretary of State.
Doug Little, our former Chairman, won a spot in the General election for Arizona Corporation Commission.
And in our Legislative District elections, Rep. John Kavanagh won the Republican Primary for the Arizona State Senate seat being vacated by Sen. Reagan.
These candidates will enjoy our full support in the General election to be sure they win their seats against the Democrats.
Also, outright winners for Arizona House of Representatives are Michelle Ugenti and probably Jay Lawrence, who is running ahead of his nearest competitor by just less than 900 votes.
These outcomes will be certified by September 8th.
Congratulations to all of these candidates.  
We also honor all those who ran for public office from our district.  It's not easy and it is appreciated that good people are willing to put themselves out there to run for office.
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