Sunday, August 24, 2014

Tobin: Dedicated to Service

We are only a couple of days away from Primary Day, when you will have a chance to determine who the most qualified Republican is to defeat Barack Obama’s ally, Ann Kirkpatrick, in November.

Andy has been all across the district, talking to voters and fighting for every vote because he knows the stakes of this election are too high not to take each and every voter's concerns seriously.

As you've seen over the course of our campaign, the broad coalition of people and organizations know Andy Tobin means business, and they know that he is ONLY conservative candidate who will defeat Ann Kirkpatrick.

Governor Mitt Romney, the US Chamber of Commerce and over three dozen local elected officials - including Arizona Right to Life - Andy has put together a team that can win in November and bring real, conservative change to Washington.

Andy has always been committed to helping his fellow citizens--checkout his “Lifetime of Service” video to see how he has given back throughout the years.

You’ll see some clips from Andy’s time as the President of the United States Jaycees, where he helped comedian Jerry Lewis raise money for his telethon to fight MDA; and the time President Reagan welcomed him to Washington to help fight for a balanced budget.

In these last few days, we call on you as an Arizona citizen, we need to your help to win this Republican Primary - make NO mistake in just how important your vote is!  Andy has worked to earn your vote as the only battle tested conservative in this race.

From Oro Valley to Show Low and Maricopa to the Navajo Nation, we have been on the trail, talking to voters and working hard for every single vote. That’s how we will win on Tuesday and how we will win in November.
We need your help to turn the tide in Washington!

Please make a contribution, share one of Andy’s videos, checkout our Facebook and Twitter accounts & visit our website!
Thank you for your support,


Bill Cortese
Campaign Manager
Andy Tobin for Congress
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